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  • Home Owners

    Estate provides home valuation.

    Your property represents ~67% of your net worth.
    Discover how your home value changes over time and
    what you can do to increase it.

  • Home Buyers

    Estate matches your life events
    with the perfect home.

    Thoughts of buying a new home are driven by 3 Micromoments:

    • Career Move A change in occupation is the greatest determinant of upsizing, downsizing, multiplication or relocation.

    • Family Expansion As families grow, so does the desire for a bigger home near the best schools.

    • Fleeting Household As children move out, the nest gets emptier. Downsizing becomes an alluring option.

    Home Buyers
  • Professionals

    Estate is the source of truth
    at the moment of truth.

    By aggregating data directly from homeowners and buyers, Estate can generate more current, accurate, and reliable reports on the residential real estate market.

    Real Estate Drivers


We have a background in Economics and Machine Learning from MIT. We've also built the platform that 70% of MLSs rely on and contributed to the Case Shiller Housing Price Index (HPI) that is used by the Federal Reserve.

We'll guide you through each step of the home buying journey.
It's easier than you think.