The difference between a house and a home is the people in it.

We created Estate because we believe we can simplify the home buying experience. We’re not Realtors, but we know all the games they play because we built their boardgame. We also have a background at MIT and Columbia and have contributed to a Nobel Laureate’s Housing Price Index that is used by the Federal Reserve.

Our mission is to democratize real estate by enabling home buyers and sellers to find, connect, and own.

Selling a home is emotional

You grew up in your home. You’ve created memories you’ve cherished. Your home housed your cheers and your tears. And though the house may have blemishes, it sheltered you. You’ve spent time and effort customizing and personalizing your space. This place is a part of you. And you are a part of this place.

Your emotions are attached to your sanctuary, which can cloud objectivity when it comes time to sell. We all try to be rational when it comes to making decisions. The good news is that decision making cannot be devoid of emotions. According to Damasio's Somatic Marker Hypothesis, "somatic makers increase the efficiency and accuracy of human decision making."

~ Estate baby

Buying a home is expensive

You shouldn’t have to choose between your child’s college fund or ~6% commission (3% Buyer Agent + 3% Seller Agent). A 6% commission on an estate could go toward a car for that garage. Or you could use it toward fixing up the fixer-upper. It’s your money - don’t part with ease.

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Let's turn houses into homes.